Validation Services

Validation of Automated Endoscope Re-processors (AER) to IS EN 15883 requirements

Endoval is the only company in Ireland that provides an INDEPENDENT comprehensive validation service, including on-site operational tests and in-house accredited analysis of samples. This will benefit our customers as we control the whole process by not depending on 3rd party laboratories providing analysis.

Endoval’s engineers have the experience and knowledge to provide effective validations and help you identify problems with your AERs.

We provide validation of AERs to IS EN 15883 requirements including:
Safety checks
Process Chemical Dosing and low-level alarms
Channel over -pressure alarms
Channel disconnection alarms
Automatic Control Test
Verification of Calibration
Temperature throughout process
Self-disinfection test (thermal and chemical)
Cleaning efficacy tests
Water quality test (carried out in our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory)

Validation of Storage/Drying Cabinets for Endoscopes (SCHE) and Drying process

Endoval provides a range of tests to validate endoscope drying and storage cabinets to IS EN 16442:2015 requirements, including, but not limited to, the following tests:
Internal residual contamination of endoscope after storage
Contamination of the inside surfaces of the storage cabinet
Evaluation of airborne microbial contamination in the storage cabinet